SproomBot is the only Discord bot. You can teach it messages, and it will start saying things. There are also a bunch of image commands (yes, including the same ImageMagick ones that literally every bot has).

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How do I get it?

It's in an indefinite private beta, but I'm happy to add it to servers for mutuals/friends/friends of friends/etc.

Why is there no public invite?

A few reasons:

  • The current host can only handle a few servers' worth of image commands
  • There aren't enough features for preventing abuse
  • Discord limits the number of servers the bot can be in because it uses text commands (this is unlikely to ever be an actual problem)

What is sproom?

Let's see what the experts think

Is NSFW content allowed?

Sure, it's up to you and your server's rules. Note that quotes added in NSFW channels will be repeated in regular ones.

What data is collected?

Only what's needed for the bot to work.

  • User IDs for quotes
  • Channel and server IDs where the bot is used, used to store quotes
  • Text added to the bot with ,add
  • All of the above is stored locally and in nightly backups to Google Drive
  • Images are downloaded for processing and deleted when no longer needed

User, channel, and server names sometimes show in logs when there's an error with the "something is broken" message. The logs are rarely checked, and this will eventually be disabled.

Quotes from one server never show up in another server.

Quotes aren't encrypted yet, so don't add anything sensitive.

Are these questions really asked frequently?

Not really