Trying to make things, I guess


This is a now page, where I list the things I'm focusing on.

Making vdcrpt better

I'm addressing some technical debt that came from rewriting vdcrpt in C#. I'm also working on a simple config system to enable custom presets, and experimenting with new corruption styles.

Improving this website

Mostly by means of adding more content, so I can show people what I do. Having my own online space is nice. I want to keep it minimal, though.

Developing a game?

I didn't like game design last time I tried, but I want to give it another shot. Weaving together art, music, code, and a bit of storytelling sounds fun. (Or does it just sound unfocused? You be the judge.)

I have a few simple prototypes to work from, and if I think something is fun, I'll build on it. Small in scope, of course.

Digital art, 3D modeling, and music

No big projects here, but I do these things occasionally. I still have to wrap up some commission work from earlier in the year. My last big project was a remake of Built to Scale from Rhythm Heaven DS.

3D printing

I found a 3D printer in the trash. It's a bit messed up, however I fixed what I could and now it works well enough for me to play with.

Settling in

I moved across the US for work this year. My apartment is still a bit of a mess, but I'm finally starting to get comfortable.

Bonus: Things I'm not doing

Here are a few things I'm actively avoiding to stay focused on the above. (Nothing here is necessarily permanent.)