Trying to make things, I guess


This is a now page, where I list the things I'm focusing on.

Revisiting The Beat Machine

I've made some headway in making The Beat Machine more maintainable, and am now working on quality-of-life improvements. So far, processing songs is about 10 seconds faster.

In no particular order, I also want to work on:

Developing a game

An early prototype is here (desktop only), and the final build will go on It's one of those Sokoban box-pushing puzzle type things with a cloning mechanic.

Obviously it's nothing groundbreaking, but I really need to practice finishing things, so if I can do that, it's a success.

Right now it's in that weird "going from prototype to actual final thing" phase, which has been slow and frustrating -- primarily because I need to figure out how the game should look and feel. As a result, more of the work has been on art and design than programming.

OS development

I'm working on an x86_64 microkernel whenever I have nothing better to do. Some of the code is... questionable, but it's a learning experience. Kernel multitasking is almost working, which means we can get to the fun userspace stuff soon. The goal is to port tcc and compile some of the kernel source from a ramdisk.


I'm kind of stuck in the classic "open Logic, listen to half of a project, then close it" phase. I've been planning to get a (non-MIDI) instrument for a while to spark some inspiration. "More gear" definitely isn't the answer, but this is something I've been planning to do ever since I moved out.

Things I'm not doing

Here are a few things I'm actively avoiding to stay focused on the above.