Trying to make things, I guess


This is a now page, where I list the things I'm focusing on.

A thing, every day

I'm doing a creative exercise where I make something every day, even if it's just a bad 5-minute sketch. That page has a better description of what I'm trying to achieve. In short, it's mostly to practice finishing things.


I bought a guitar, which has helped me get somewhat unstuck. Right now I'm learning and practicing, with the intention to eventually start up a music project I've had in the back of my mind for a while.

Developing a game

An early prototype is here (desktop only), and the final build will go on It's one of those Sokoban-type puzzle things with a cloning mechanic.

Progress has been slow, but the plan is to release it this year with a few levels.

OS development

I'm making an x86_64 microkernel just because. It's been equal parts fun and frustrating, and somehow I've reached userland without it totally imploding yet.

If I can get to the point of a working shell, I'll add a link to one of those preloaded in-browser VMs here.

Not now

A few projects are on hold right now.

There are also a few that I don't anticipate returning to.