Trying to make things, I guess


This is a now page, where I list the things I'm focusing on.

Developing a game

I have a prototype for a puzzle game that I'm working on polishing up. It's just about at an MVP stage.

It's nothing revolutionary but I'm looking forward to delivering something "finished." Playtest builds will be somewhere on this site, and the final build will go on

If this goes well I'll invest in finishing another prototype I have, which involves a bit more story.


It is what it is. I'm just mentioning it because it takes a lot out of me.

Digital art, 3D modeling, and music

Still doing these things occasionally, that's all I have to say. I'm considering doing another 3D Rhythm Heaven remake, this time of a minigame from Fever. But I haven't committed to the project yet.

OS development

A bit of an odd one. I started working on an x86_64 microkernel-based OS as a long-term project. I'm trying to practice making informed decisions, reading technical manuals, and planning systems out on my own. Development is slow, as this is a "when I feel like it" thing.

The ultimate goal is to build the kernel (just the kernel) from the OS. That will take a long time, so for now I'm focused on the journey to userspace. The project has no name. Suggest one if you want.

Bonus: Things I'm not doing

Here are a few things I'm actively avoiding to stay focused on the above. (Nothing here is necessarily permanent.)